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Allie Lawn, Ph.D.

Our Founder

Allie Lawn, PhD has a diverse mix of professional experiences, all of which have contributed to the development of the Scientific Startup.

So far in her career, she has:


  • Conducted nearly a decade of formal academic research and teaching at the university level.

  • Launched a startup that failed to get venture backing.

  • Spent a year in corporate innovation consulting.

  • Transitioned into the venture capital and startup operations space.

While these experiences may seem disconnected, they have generated an approach to startup design and development that removes the guesswork from the earliest stage of company development and increases early product adoption. With the heart of a scientist and a love for innovation, Allie has developed accessible ways to take something akin to the scientific method and apply it to the fast pace of an early-stage startup. But don’t worry, it’s still lean.  

In addition to her primary role as the Head of Insights at a Venture Studio and one of the studio’s internal proptech startups, you’ll find Allie refining the Scientific Startup Method through her role as a mentor for startups and accelerator programs, as well as an adjunct professor of business. 

Outside of all of that, Allie currently resides in Denver, Colorado, and is a fan of anything outdoors. You’ll often find her out on the trails with her two rescue dogs or exploring new places to eat around town. 

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