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Consulting & Workshops

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We offer 1:1 consulting and workshops for both founders, private and public organizations and investors.


1:1 Founder Consulting

1-hour sessions with founders to create a roadmap from idea to MVP. You'll be provided with a tailored plan and all of the tools needed to launch a successful company.


Workshops for Accelerators

Allie hosts a variety of workshops for accelerators with unique content. Previous topics have included: MVP, Product-Market Fit, Customer Discovery, Creating Hypotheses, and Jobs to be Done.


Investor Due Dilligence

Do you have a "close but not quite" founder? We will work with them 1:1 to get the traction you need to see to make an investment in the company.

Founders, Ready To Get Started?

Book a Free Intro Call Now. Questions About Anything Else? Reach Out Via Email.

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